Electricity Business

To fulfill the management’s vision to utilize by products of sugar manufacturing process and respond to the need for energy use of the country

9.9 MW

Production capacity

sells 8 MW

The electricity generated to PEA

Buriram Sugar Public Company Limited (“the Company”) invested in the construction of the biomass power plant that uses 100% bagasse as fuel (approximately 450 ton/day) under the name of “Buriram Energy Co.,Ltd”. With its production capacity of 9.9 MW, Buriram Energy Co.,Ltd uses conveyor systems to convey bagasse from Buriram Sugar PCL and sells 8 MW of the electricity generated to Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA). It had sold electricity to PEA since May 11th, 2012. In 2014, the Company invested in the second power plant named “Buriram Power Co.,Ltd”, which has the same production capacity as the first power plant and also sells 8 MW of electricity to PEA.

Buriram Energy Co.,Ltd (the first power plant) was awarded “Green Power Plant” under Green Industry Project, hosted by the Ministry of Industry Thailand. The Ministry is determined to promote green industry and balanced and sustainable development, the heart of the driving force of several projects under its supervision, as it believes that economic and industrial growth should go hands in hands with the potentials of eco-system and social well-being.

In response to the increasing energy demand of the sugar operation, the company has established another 9.9 MW power plant under the name “Buriram Power Plus Company Limited (BPP)”.