Cookies Policy of the Buriram Sugar Public Company Limited (the “Company”) describes the category, the operation of Cookies, and the data storage period, as well as the setting of Cookies according to the requirements of the users. This website uses Cookies to provide users with the usual and secure use of the website including the ability to measure, evaluate and improve for the development of the website. The users are also provided with a good experience of using the Company's website. The policy details are as follows:

1. What is a Cookies Policy?

Cookies are small text files stored on the user's browser or on the hard drive of a computer, smartphone or other devices with internet connection while visiting the website. It is responsible for storing or tracking the users' usage of the website, such as recording language setting information on the website pages or recording the users' access status. It helps the users to access the website easier and more conveniently.

The function of Cookies helps the Company to collect the data of the users as follows.

  • Internet domains and IP addresses from the spot where the users visit the Company’s website through electronics devices or equipment.
  • Type of software browser and the operating system that the users use to access the Company’s website.
  • Date and time when the users access the Company’s website.
  • The address of another website that links the users to the Company's website.
  • The website pages, contents and time that the users visited the Company's website.

2. Use of Cookies

Types of cookies used by the Company are categorized as follows:

Types of Cookies Names of Cookies Purpose of Use
Strictly Necessary Cookies
  • blazecms_session (Exp. 2 hours)
  • XSRF-TOKEN (Exp. 2 hours)
This type of Cookies is necessary for the operation of the website so that the website can function properly and safely. They are intended for storing information and respond to the requests of the users, such as logging in, filling forms and privacy settings etc. The users are unable to disable this type of Cookies.
Analytic / Performance Cookies
  • _ga (Exp. 2 years)
  • _gid (Exp. 24 hours)
  • _gat (Exp. 1 minute)
  • _pk_ses* (Exp.1 hour)
  • _pk_id* (Exp. 1 year)
This type of Cookies collects information about the use of the website. It is able to remember and count the number of visitors on the website, as well as helping to understand the behavior of visiting the website. This enables the Company to measure, evaluate, improve and develop the functionality of the website of the Company. If the users do not consent to the use of this type of Cookies, the Company will be unable to measure the performance, improve the efficiency and develop the website.

Note: Exp. (short for Expire) is the span of time the data is stored.

3. Third Party Cookies

Certain types of Cookies on our website are managed by third parties. These are Cookies for analyzing/evaluating the performance of the website (Analytic Cookies) to improve the contents to meet the target audience, such as Google Analytics and Piwik, etc. The users have no control over the use of these Cookies through the Company's website. Therefore, the users are advised to consider the Cookies policy on third party websites to understand how such third parties may use the users’ information.

4. Duration of Storage and Cookies Setting

The Company will store the users’ Cookies depending on the use of Cookies, which may differ by type (details according to the table in Clause 2, the Use of Cookies). The period of storage starts from the installation of the Cookies and ends as specified by each type of Cookie. The users can customize Cookies setting or reject Cookies upon request through the web browser in use. However, some services on our website require the Cookies. Disabling certain Cookies may result in the inability to use all or part of the services. If the users do not customize Cookies setting on the users’ web browser, the system will use Cookies as mentioned above when the users visit the Company’s website. If the users customize Cookies setting on the users’ web browser by blocking all Cookies, including the Strictly Necessary Cookies, the users may be unable to visit all websites of the Company.

5. Changes to Cookies Policy

The Company has issued a Personal Data Protection Policy. The users can find such policy at "Personal Data Protection Policy" on the Company's website.

6. Personal Data Protection Policy

The Company has issued a Personal Data Protection Policy. The users can find such policy at "Personal Data Protection Policy" on the Company's website.