Buriram Sugar Factory Company Limited

Buriram Sugar Factory Company Limited (“BSF”) was registered in 2003 with 1 Million Baht of registered capital. In 2010 and 2011, BSF increased registered capital to 990,637,000 Baht and 1,050,000,000 Baht respectively. In 2020, BSF increased registered capital to 2,050,000,000 Baht. Buriram Sugarcane Research and Development Company Limited (“BRD”) transferred its entire business to BSF with all its business assets, liabilities, rights to 2,114,492,600 Baht of registered capital and paid-up capital that is held 99.99% of shares by BRR. Therefore, BRD is under the control and supervision of BSF and BRD registered for the dissolution and liquidation to the Ministry of Commerce on September 30, 2020.

September 12, 2003

Establishment date

Crushing capacity
tons of cane per day

BSF conducts sugar production and distribution business including research and development to improve the efficiency of sugarcane farming and nourishment Its factory is located on 237 Moo.2, Hinlekfai Sub-District, Kumueang District, Buriram Province. The distributed products can be divided into raw sugar, brown sugar and refined sugar. The Company manufactured and distributed refined sugar to increase its business value by specifically emphasizing on exports to industrial factories with the maximum capability of 1,200 tons per day. In addition to sugar production, BSF can generate electricity from steam, which is residue from sugarcane plantation and sugar production, approximately 14.5-15 MW of the maximum capacity of 18.5 MW to use in the sugar factory area.

In terms of raw material procurement and research and development of sugarcane, BRD operates the supporting business in the sugarcane farmers planting through conducting the contract farming with sugarcane farmers in order to provide the sufficiency of raw materials for full capacity of BSF including develop the innovations of sugarcane variety, the irrigated system management, the machines and equipment in farming, online sugarcane farmers management by Management Information System, sugarcane plantation map system by Geographic Information System and apply the technologies in every step of work in order to operate, control, assess and solve the problems in real time. Moreover, BRD also coaches and conveys the academic and practical knowledge about sugarcane farming to farmers in order to increase the crop yield and quality to farmers and also strengthen the potentials of farmers for sustainably career path as well as make the certain income for a living which will develop the better quality of life consecutively. Which is the origin of the philosophy “Sugar Made in the Field”