Sugarcane is one of the top agricultural crops in Thailand. With current cultivating areas of approximately 10 Million Rai and combined produce of around 100 Million tons, sugarcane brings in an impressive income of more than 0.1 Trillion Baht to the country.

Sugarcane is an industrial crop. In the past, it was used only to produce sugar, yet it is now also used to produce ethanol, liquid alcohol that substitutes for automobile fuel oil. By-product from ethanol production can be used to make organic fertilizer and the remaining bagasse can be used to generate power. Sugarcane, therefore, impressively offers basis for varieties of products beyond expectation.

Buriram is a province situated in the North-eastern part of Thailand with a long history of sugarcane cultivation and a sugarcane cultivating area of more than100 thousand Rai. Buriram Sugarcane Factory is a pioneer sugar manufacturer in the North-eastern area that has supported and bought produce from sugarcane growers to make sugar for more than 50 years. The factory started its business in 1964 under the name “Saha-Thai-Rung-Reung Sugar Factory” with its initial registered capital of 2MB and its production capacity of 3,003 ton/day.