Vision & Mission


Ensure raw materials security and better living conditions for cane growers. Develop sugar and renewable energy businesses for sustainable growth and harmonized living between communities and society.


  1. Promote cane growers around the factory to increase yield per rai with knowledge and responsibility.
  2. Develop management system to stabilize cane and enhance growers’ profit.
  3. Enhance innovation to increase organization and cane growers’ efficiency and competitiveness.
  4. Encourage staffs and cane growers to learn new knowledge for sustainable growth.
  5. Conduct business on the basis of good governance, fairness, transparency and ethics with responsibility for stakeholders, communities and society.

Business Goal

Long-term Goal The Company strives to maintain the standard and is the number one of the management and control quality of sugarcane productivity to produce sugar products and by-products for maximum efficiency. The Company understands that the raw material is highest risk of the business, so if it is well managed and controlled and stable as well as ongoing development, the Company will be able to conduct business securely. For the Biomass Power Energy, the Company aims to develop the business, coupled with the ongoing expansion of the sugar business. The plan is to increase the capacity of biomass power to accommodate the capacity of the various products of the Group in the future and distribution of electricity to generate the maximum return to the shareholders of the Company, the Company is considering further industrial by-products to increase revenue and to make the business sustainable by studying the investment plan of ethanol including the technology, which is in the process of preparing the report of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), as well as other products such as yeast.

Short-term Goal The Company aims to develop sugarcane production in the next 2-3 years by promoting the expansion of sugarcane plantations up to 250,000 Rai to produce more than 3 million tons of sugarcane along with maintaining quality standards for the highest yield. The Company plans to produce and sell refined sugar to add value and supporting increasing sugar quantity by emphasizing on exporting to industrial factory which is now in process of the information study for appropriate technology to produce quality sugar to the consumers. For the Biomass Power Energy Business, the Company is applying for an electric power plants license of the third power plant, which is capacity of 9.9 MW with the Office of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC). The construction of the power plant will be completed by the third quarter of 2016, which plan to sell electricity to the sugar factory to accommodate the increasing capacity of the plant.