Company Background

One of the pioneers of sugar industry in the Northeast of Thailand, Khun Vichien Tangtongwechakit initiated cane growing practices and encouraged farmers to grow cane in Buriram Province. Since then, our journey has started. In 1964, sahathairungruang Sugar Co., Ltd. was established, with 2 million Baht registered capital, to produce raw sugar. The crushing capacity at that time was merely 3,000 Tons Cane per Day (TCD).

In 1986, the name was changed to Buriram Sugar Co., Ltd. Crushing capacity has steadily increased from 3,000 TCD to the current 17,000 TCD, the factory nowadays has capacity to crush around 2 million tons of cane per season.

Our products – white sugar and raw sugar – are sold domestically and overseas under “Double Key” trademark. We were awarded ISO 9001: 2008 certificate in 2001 for quality management. In 2011, our sugar was awarded GMP and HACCP certificates for our good quality sugar. The awards are mean to ensure customers for our quality products.

Buriram Sugar Plc has continuously generated incomes for over 10,000 cane growers’ families and consequently has lifted their living conditions.

Apart from sugar production, Buriram Sugar Plc has also invested in other related businesses – bagasse-based co-generation, sugarcane research and development and organic fertilizer.

Our subsidiary companies are

  1. Buriram Sugar Factory Co., Ltd.
  2. Buriram Sugarcane Research and Development Co., Ltd.
  3. Buriram Energy Co., Ltd.
  4. Buriram Power Co., Ltd.
  5. Buriram Power Plus Co., Ltd.
  6. Key Brand Fertilizer Co., Ltd.